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6th June 2012

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RIGHT NOW, jail solidarity at 949 N 9th Street, Milwaukee, WI. Or CALL MPD to demand a release of the 4 protesters: 414-935-7526.

Occupy Milwaukee’s June 6th March - The day after Walker won his recall election, hundreds marched in the streets in non-violent civil disobedience from Pere Marquette to city hall and the banking district. Occupy Milwaukee and dozens of community organizations demanded: Repeal Act 10, Reinstate the Equal Pay Act, and Tax the 1%. The police brutality by MPD riot and mounted police is part of the coordinated attacks by police nationwide against the Occupy movement. 

200 protesters refused to stop marching peacefully in the streets after repeatedly being beaten by police for 14 straight blocks. At least 12 protesters were injured and 4 arrested. End police brutality against the Occupy movement! Free the 4!

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